Survey of Parents Who Bring Their Infants to Chiropractors Shows High Satisfaction Rate

The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics published the results of a large-scale survey in their December 2020 issue showing that parents who bring their infants to chiropractors are highly satisfied with the care and results.

Survey of Parents Who Bring Their Infants to Chiropractors Shows High Satisfaction Rate - Austin TX Pediatric Chiropractic Familes Infant Newborn Wellness Health BabyThis survey study was performed at the AECC University College (Anglo-European College of Chiropractic) in Bournemouth, England. Infants up to the age of 12 months were included in this study. The infants received chiropractic care at either the AECC teaching chiropractic clinic or at selective private chiropractic practices in the UK.

In this study, a 12-question standardized form known as the United Kingdom Infant Questionnaire (UKIQ) was given the parents of infants who were seeing chiropractic care at either the AECC teaching clinic or in the private practices participating in the study. These forms were filled out initially before any chiropractic care was rendered and were then sent to researchers to be compared with forms done later in care.

A 13-question questionnaire was given to the parent at the fourth visit, or at the time of discharge from care, whichever occurred first. This questionnaire had the same first 12 questions with the addition of a 13th question asking what changes the parents had noticed in their infant. This one additional question is known as the Parent’s Global Impression of Change (PGIC). Additionally, information collected included the infant’s age, gender, type of birth, place of birth, feeding type, symptoms, medications, sleeping preferences, and information about any healthcare providers that had previously been seen for the infant’s current problems.

In total, there were 312 follow-up questionnaires that were compared to the initial questionnaires. On average, most infants in the study had two health issues for which their parents were seeking chiropractic care. The average age of infants in this study was between three and eight weeks old. Since almost all of these infants had health issues, many were under medical care. Between 58% and 62% of the children had been given some form of medication.

Overall, 86% of the parents reported that they were satisfied with their chiropractic care and that their babies had improved. Additionally, in the entire study group, there were no recorded incidences of any adverse events due to chiropractic care among the near 500 infants in the survey study.

In their conclusion, the authors of the study survey stated, “In this study of outcomes of chiropractic care for infants presented to a teaching clinic and to private clinics showed very high satisfaction ratings from the parents along with good improvements in the infants’ complaints with no adverse events.”

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