Pediatric Chiropractic in Austin

  • Yes, we care for infants, babies and children.
  • We check for a fully functioning nervous system, the most important part of the human body.
  • The Chiropractic adjustment removes nervous system interference, allowing the body to heal.
  • Dr. Swanson has checked and helped infants and children one day old and up.
  • The adjustment is gentle, specific, and involves very light pressure.
  • On the very young, the adjustment is as light as the touch of a finger tip.

Informative Articles

Common Conditions

Read what our patients are saying…

Health Condition: Constipation, acid relux

Comment: “Since the day our son was born we knew something wasn’t right. He cried and spit up endlessly day and night with no way of comforting him. After x-rays, ultrasound and a trip to the GI for a test we found out he had severe acid reflux. He was put on medication which gave him gas and then a second medication which gave him constipation, after a 3rd medication which still did not relieve him of pain, we were at our last rope. I was referred to a Dr Swanson by a friend. This was unheard of to me so I decided to do some research. After reading countless positive stories from moms who took their babies to chiropractors for issues such as Ear aches, acid reflux,, constipation and so on. I decided to give it a try. After the first visit, my 9 week old did his first bowl movement with out crying and straining. He is now back to 3 bowl movements a day. When he is awake he is no longer crying in pain and he smiles and coos. His spit up has almost if not completely gone and I no longer give him medication. The best decision we made was taking him to see Dr Swanson. He is extremely kind and gentle with our baby and he has a great bedside manor. Thank you so much for giving us our happy baby back.”

-Lisa M.


Health Condition: Colic; acid reflux

Comment: “Dr. Swanson is by far the best Chiropractor in all of the Austin area. My husband and I recently had a baby girl. Our daughter’s first few weeks of life were filled with gas pains and what we believed was colic. The first chiropractor we took her to literally worked with her for maybe five minutes before asking us to bring her back once she calmed down, of course we were unsatisfied with this doctor. I found Dr. Swanson’s office by pure luck on google. We brought our daughter in for her first visit and within minutes we knew we were in good hands. Dr.Swanson explained exactly what was going on with our daughter and how he planned to work with her. Despite her “excessive use of lungs” Dr.Swanson was extremely patient with our little one, not only did her treat her that day but he also gave us tips on things we could do at home to help. We saw a drastic improvement in our infant within a week and we are so thankful for this doctor’s help. The best thing about this office is that Dr.Swanson and Heather are very personable and they truly care about the well being of their patients. I could not recommend a better place to go for your Chiropractic needs!!!!”

-Crystal W.


Health Condition: Ear infections; chronic upper respiratory problems; congestion; asthma; allergies

Comment: ”Since birth my son has had chronic congestion and upper respiratory problems. His physician wanted to put him on allergy medication and a nebulizer for suspected exercise-induced asthma. Since starting treatment with Dr. Swanson his asthma has not flared up, allowing him to be an active 3 year old with no discomfort. For the first time, since birth, he is able to sleep through the night because his cough and congestion are gone.

My son loves coming to see Dr. Swanson and has even asked to see him so that Dr. Swanson can, “fix my back,” as he says. He’s a happier and healthier child, and I believe that chiropractic has played a part in that.”

-Libby G.