Infertility Helped with Chiropractic: A Case Study

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? Can Chiropractic Care Help Infertility?

A case study published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research on April 27, 2015, documented the case of a woman who was struggling with infertility being able to become pregnant due to receiving chiropractic care.

Infertility Helped with Chiropractic - Austin TX ChiropractorThe study authors report that as many as one in six couples may need to seek help from a specialist because of the inability to conceive.  They also report that it is generally accepted that one in four women are affected by infertility lasting up to 29 months.

In this case, a 27-year-old woman who worked as a bank teller came to the chiropractor after suffering from lower back pain for years. She also had complaints of occasional neck and mid-back pain after activities such as lifting. In addition, she would occasionally suffer from headaches when waking up, sinus problems, left wrist pain with numbness, frequent sore throats, and dizziness.

Her history revealed that she had been medically diagnosed with infertility and was taking several prescription medications given by her medical doctor. She had been under medical care for 6 months with no help for her infertility. She reported having several types of accidents years prior, and her first child had been born via cesarean.

A chiropractic examination consisting of palpation, range of motion, and spinal x-rays was performed to determine the presence of vertebral subluxations. It was determined that subluxations were present in multiple areas of her spine and a course of specific chiropractic adjustments was begun to correct the subluxations.

The patient was initially seen three times per week, which was reduced to twice per week later in care. Specific types of adjustments were used depending on the findings of that particular visit and the original x-ray findings.

The study records that the patient conceived after approximately 19 chiropractic adjustments. She also noted improvement in many of her additional symptoms and continued with her care through pregnancy.

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