Resolution of Low Back and Pelvic Pain in a Pregnant Woman Under Chiropractic Care

The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health published the results of a case study on December 18, 2019 documenting the successful outcome following chiropractic care of a pregnant woman suffering with low back pain. Back pain in general is a very common ailment. In pregnancy, it is even more common with back pain expected to occur in between 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women.

Resolution of Low Back and Pelvic Pain in a Pregnant Woman Under Chiropractic Care - Austin Area Birthing Center Chiropractor Recommendation Labor Delivery SciaticChiropractic care for patients with lower back pain has been well established in research and literature. It is more recently that chiropractic care for pregnant women with lower back pain has shown up in research and has become a more popular form of care. Many pregnant women who suffer from back pain seek chiropractic because they wish to avoid taking any form of medication that could have an adverse effect on their unborn child.

In this case, a 28-year-old pregnant woman sought chiropractic care. The woman was 31 weeks into her second pregnancy and was suffering with lower back pain that radiated from her lower back into her sacroiliac joint. Her pain had started the week before after she had picked up her 2-year-old child. She reported that lying on her back gave her some relief, but she was unable to perform daily chores or lift her child. She rated her pain as a 5 out of 10 (10 worst) with the pain occasionally rising to 7 out of 10.

The woman had not used any medications and was utilizing some heat and stretching exercises that she found online. However, nothing she had attempted was helping.

A chiropractic examination was performed which included a visual inspection. The inspection revealed that the woman was leaning slightly forward, probably in response to her pain. When she was asked to extend backward the woman grimaced in pain. Spinal palpation showed multiple areas of tightness and sensitivity, and her range of motion was generally reduced.

Based on the examination findings, it was determined that subluxations were present. Specific forms of chiropractic adjustments were given to address the woman’s subluxations. These adjustments took into account her pregnancy utilizing special forms of chiropractic adjustments to accommodate her.

The woman reported immediate relief following her first adjustment. She also was able to increase her range of motion. She then rated her pain as a 1 out of 10 with only minor soreness remaining in her right hip.

In many published articles, chiropractic is grouped into the category of non-medical care known as “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM). This study describes the reasons that many women are turning to chiropractic when suffering with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems. “With concerns of safety and adverse events associated with pain medications during pregnancy, many women are turning to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to address pregnancy-related MSK complaints.”

In their conclusion the authors noted “…the clinical knowledge showcased in this case report contributes to individual and collective clinical experience in the care of pregnant patients.”

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