Meniere’s Disease Helped by Chiropractic

The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research published the results of a case study on May 23, 2019, documenting chiropractic helping a patient suffering with Meniere’s disease. Although Meniere’s disease is called a disease, it is actually a collection of symptoms with no medically known cause or treatment.

Meniere's Disease Helped by Chiropractic - Austin TX Chiropractic Dizziness Vertigo Neck PainAccording the the National Institutes of Health, US National Library of Medicine, “Ménière disease is a disorder of the inner ear that affects balance and hearing. This condition is characterized by sudden episodes of extreme dizziness (vertigo), a roaring sound in the ears (tinnitus), a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ears, and fluctuations in hearing.”

Although Meniere’s disease was first recognized as a condition by Prosper Meniere in 1861, it was not until 1995 that the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) developed the criteria for diagnosing for this condition. According to the American Hearing Research Foundation, about 615,000 people in the United States suffer with Meniere’s disease with 45,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. The condition becomes more common with age, with the peak years being between 40 and 60 years of age.

In this case, a 55-year-old man, whose principle complaints were dizziness and vertigo, sought chiropractic care. In addition to his primary complaints, the study also reports that the man was suffering with constant dizziness, neck pain, low blood pressure, frequent fatigue, headache, ear ache, ear noise, low back pain and occasional deafness in his left ear. The man’s medical provider had previously diagnosed him with Meniere’s disease.

Specific postural examination procedures were performed along with specialized spinal x-rays of the man’s upper neck. Postural abnormalities were documented by the exam procedures. The spinal x-rays showed malpositioning of the vertebrae in the upper neck. From these findings, it was determined that subluxations were present in the man’s upper neck.

A specific chiropractic adjustment was performed based upon the chiropractic analysis and x-rays. The results were instantaneous with the man reporting that he felt an immediate resolution of symptoms after his adjustment. The study reports that after one month of chiropractic care, the man’s symptoms were completely resolved.

In the conclusion of the study, the author’s noted that “…chiropractic care was used in the treatment and management of a 55-year-old male patient suffering from Meniere’s disease. After the first visit, the patient had relief of all of his symptoms related to Meniere’s disease. The patient remained under care for one month for maintenance. The patient’s symptoms never returned, suggesting that chiropractic care “….is a potential method of treatment and management of patients with Meniere’s disease.”

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