Central Nervous System Control of the Immune System and T-Cells

Vertebral Subluxations & Accelerated Aging - Dr. Justin Swanson - Austin Chiropractic & Acupuncture ClinicCentral Nervous System Control of the Immune System and T-Cells

The past 20 years of health science and research has seen a tremendous increase in the knowledge and understanding of the human immune system, mostly due to cancer and AIDS research. The findings have completely changed our approach to health care as we slowly change from a disease/symptom model to one in which the function and communication of the immune system is optimized. “The inability of antibiotics to wipe out disease entirely and the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and super infections have led many distinguished researchers and physicians to conclude that the answer to disease is not to create stronger medicines. Rather, we say the solution lies in attacking the disease from the inside out by strengthening the body’s natural defense network.”

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